Elham LXP

Comprehensive learning experience platform LXP

The platform provides a comprehensive learning experience to encourage self-learning, also it’s distinguished by its design that puts the learner and the creator of educational and training content and their needs in the first place, in contrast to traditional learning management systems that focus mainly on managing and providing training courses and programs only without focusing on the learner.


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General Characteristics

A set of general characteristics that distinguish Elham platform from other platforms.

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Design compatibility 

Fully responsive design for mobile screens - tablets - computers

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Languages support

Support for Arabic, English and Urdu languages

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The platform can accommodate a huge number of users, up to 50,000 users at one time.

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Safe and reliable architecture

The platform follows global cybersecurity standards and requirements, and the accreditation standards of the Saudi National Center for E-Learning.

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Authoring Tool (Designer's Cave)

Create interactive educational content  easily without the need for any prior expertise.

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Ease of use

Create and publish educational content through a simplified graphical interface.

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Previewing and publishing content

Preview content before publishing it.

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Ready-made templates

Ready-made templates to publish your content

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Multimedia support

Add multimedia elements to educational content.

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Learning Experience Design

The platform’s design takes into account the user experience to provide the learner with a unique learning experience.

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Use of a points system and digital badges within the learning experience.

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Providing educational content in the form of small educational units.

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Social learning

Learning communities through which each learner benefits from the other.

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Adaptive learning

Create personalized learning experience according to learners' needs.

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Manage and measure your educational and training programs.

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User Management

Add and delete users manually or via automation.

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Managing Training Courses and Programs

Create and manage courses..

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Content Management

Add, delete, content.

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Certificate Management

Assign and manage certificates.

Platform Benefits

Our integrations

Connect your digital academy with multiple tools and platforms to help you in several tasks such as managing the platform and monitoring learners’ performance.