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Use cases

Employees Internal Training  

The training process for new employees is one of the most influential factors in the employee experience, according to a study published by BCG. Companies with effective onboarding are nearly twice as profitable as companies with ineffective onboarding. But preparing and organizing a successful onboarding process is not an easy matter, especially if the onboarding process will be conducted remotely, without traditional face-to-face communication, in which signs of welcome, hospitality, and body language emerge. It will become increasingly difficult to create a good employee impression in the onboarding process.

The Elham platform is an effective method that many of our clients have used to prepare and train their new employees. Design your own digital platform to train your new employees.

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Importance of Employees Internal Training  

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Retaining Employees

75% of employees are likely to stay longer in organizations that value them and invest in their growth. This also increases employee satisfaction and loyalty.
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Skills Enhancements

Employee development programs help individuals gain new skills and essential knowledge for their current and future roles. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, personal growth, and career advancement opportunities.
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Increasing Productivity

Employees who receive proper training and development are more productive and efficient in their roles. They are better equipped to handle their tasks and are more confident in their abilities, which leads to increased productivity and better performance.
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Innovation and Adaptability

Organizations which invest in employee development are able to adapt to market changes and industry trends. By providing employees with the necessary skills and knowledge, a culture of innovation and creativity is fostered, leading to new ideas and solutions.