About Elham

A brief overview of Elham

Our Story

Elham is a Saudi EdTech company established in 2018, dedicated to provide creative educational solutions to organizations, to build, design and manage educational experiences.

During last years, we were able to achieve these numbers


Educational Experience

+250 Million
Learning Minutes
+3.5 Million


Our Mission

Facilitate the process of transferring knowledge, transforming the learning experience within organizations, and enabling success in organizations, which enhances knowledge retention, productivity of teams and increases profit.

Our Values

We believe that education is key for unlocking human potential and creating a better future for everyone. We are proud to be part of the Saudi educational community and we aim to make high-quality education accessible to everyone, regardless of their nationalities, backgrounds and qualifications.

Our Services

We offer many additional services to our customers to enrich their learning experience including the following

Instructional Design Services

Educational Video Production
Educational Program Management
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Our Core Knowledge Beliefs 

 Set of values, knowledge, and motives that we embrace.

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Meet Elham Customers

Government agencies, private sector organizations, and non-profit organizations.

Frequently asked questions

1- What is Elham platform?


An interactive learning experience platform, you can refer to the product page for more details.

2- What challenges does Elham platform overcome?


The platform overcomes a large number of learning challenges, the most important ones are:
1- Distraction and lack of concentration in today's world.
2- Low completion rates of trainings and courses.
3- Incompatibility with mobile.

3- What distinguishes Elham from other edtech solutions in the same category?


- Support and provide a wide range of different learning strategies (social, motivational, adaptive, personal education).
- Unique learning components (active video, challenge component, cards, and many more).
- Flexible and multiple reports and statistics at all levels (trainees, groups, the academy in general).
- A first mobile learning experience that is responsive to all types of screens.
- Leveraging psychology theories to understand user behavior and invent new ways to display information.

4- Where is the platform hosted?


The platform is hosted by the best international hosting companies inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure speed, high security, and the best user experience.

5- Why should I go with Elham platform?


You will gain some benefits like: 
- Increasing the percentage of completion of training programs
- Increasing the intensity of the cognitive outcome in your trainees.
-  Getting more information about your trainees.
- Measuring the quality and efficiency of the content of your training program.

6- What reports does Elham platform provide?


There are many types of reports, for example
- Academy Reports.
-Trainee Reports.
- Course or training program reports

7- What integration options are available in Elham?


Elham integrates with many different services, including Zapier, Google Analytics, Accredible, Zoom, reCAPTCHA, Trengo, accrecible,   and Intercom.Elham also provides two main options for technical link: software interfaces (APIs)  webhooks (Webhooks). You can get more information about these options by visiting the developers website at the following link: developers.elham.sa.

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